I am extremely grateful to the expert attorneys at LA Tax Law Firm. I contacted LA Tax Law Firm since I have received a letter from my bank account in Geneva stating that I need to fill out some w9 form. I have never reported my bank account in Geneva on any of my returns for the past 15 years, ever since the account was opened, nor have I ever filled out the “FBAR” form. Accumulated much interest in the account and was extremely worried of all the penalties in which the IRS would impose on me. Furthermore, I was extremely agitated and feared there can be criminal persecution. At first, I tried to resolve this issue myself. I spoke to many attorneys regarding the issue and learned I probably would have to pay a 25% penalty on the total amount. My foreign accounts was a little less than 2 million, and 25% would have taken a huge chunk! Realizing I was way over myself, I decided to contact several attorneys. Most attorneys I contacted referred me to other attorneys and CPA’s since they had no clue how to properly proceed on such a delicate matter. Frustrated I decided to call the firm which is known to have the best reputation in the industry. I met with the attorneys at LA Tax Law Firm for a consultation and was clearly told what my options were. The attorneys were clearly knowledgeable and experts in the tax field, and knew exactly what they were dealing with. The lead attorney Mouris Behboud was remarkable in explaining to me the process of the FBAR and why it was so important to properly file the FBAR’s and how to properly qualify for the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative. I was amazed of the expertise which the attorneys at LA Tax Law Firm have regarding this tax matter.. In the end, hiring LA Tax Law Firm was the best decision I could’ve made regarding my foreign accounts. They were able to properly negotiate with the IRS, and properly submitted the paperwork so I would qualify for the OVDI. In addition, LA Tax Law Firm were able to properly represent me and protect my rights as a taxpayer. They ended up negotiating a 5% penalty regarding my FBAR issue. They saved me thousands! I recommend LA Tax Law Firm to all looking for expert representation from the best attorneys in the industry!!!!

Anita S.