LA Tax Law walk the talk…they are the real deal for tax related problems. In less than six months, tax attorney Mouris and his incredible team of kind professionals untangled ten years of mess that resulted from an audit and bad advise from the IRS. They were able to negotiate with the IRS to prevent wage garnishment and property seizure. I am now on a reasonable payment plan with the IRS, and no longer have to live in fear of financial ruins.

LA Tax Law is worth every penny. I only wished that I had discovered their service much earlier (don’t try to deal with the IRS on your own with complex tax issues). They’re s a real law firm, with experienced tax attorneys. Many others “tax services” that I’ve checked out are just unscrupulous paper mills. The peace of mind from not having to deal with an all powerful incompetent IRS is priceless! I am truly grateful for Mouris for restoring sanity in my life!!!!

Ling Ling C.