On April 5, 2013, I received a Tax Levy dated March 22, 2013 for more than $550,000. from the IRS. I had not received a Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS pertaining to this matter. I called the IRS Monday and again on Tuesday and in addition send a fax that afternoon as well but never received a reply.
I researched via Google and located a firm by the name of LA Tax Law. Two points about this firm stood out in my selection: 1.) Managing Partner Mouris Behboud, Esq., was an attorney for the IRS for 8 years and 2.) all of the Firm’s reviews were nothing other than 5 stars. Still not having heard back from the IRS agent, I called Tuesday and scheduled an appointment.
Senior Consultant, Peter Jacobson, was concerned about the short time with which they had to work in order to get the Tax Lien released. I was advised as to what I would need to do and that I needed to move quickly. It was now four days before tax day, April 15th, the Firm was booked with business, and we only had one day before the deadline to get the levies released!
After my discussions with Mr. Jacobson, I met with Mr. Behboud and expressed a desire to work with the Firm. I was pleased that they were willing to take my case.
That night I took care of the details, quickly arranging for the initial fee to be wired, as all of my banking and brokerage accounts had been frozen by the IRS. The next day Mr. Jacobson kept me posted on what they needed and Mr. James Alderete, Lead Paralegal, facilitated the communication as well. By early afternoon I received a call requesting that I go to the office at 3:30 PM that afternoon to sign the tax return. Not only was the tax return completed showing that no monies were owed to the IRS, I received an envelope with a copy of all of the levies released
I cannot rave enough about Mr. Behboud and the Firm. The leadership, strategic planning and precise execution all led to the result that I hoped for. My sincere gratitude and thanks to Mr. Behboud and his team.

Susan S.